Christina Applegate on the podcast: Intimate insight into her life with diapers

Christina Applegate on the podcast
Intimate look into her life with diapers

Christina Applegate often speaks publicly about her life with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

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Christina Applegate breaks a taboo: the combination of a viral infection and MS forced her to learn to wear diapers as an adult.

She brings a taboo topic into the public eye: Christina Applegate (52) talks in the new episode of her podcast about what it’s like to have to wear a diaper as an adult woman. In the current episode of the “MeSsy Podcast”, which she hosts together with Jamie-Lynn Sigler (42), she reports on a recent viral illness that meant she had to wear diapers because she could no longer control her bowel movements had.

Christina Applegate suffered from severe diarrhea

According to her story, the unpleasant experience began when she contracted Covid from a friend, which developed into a long-term infection. Since the actress made it public in 2021 that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis, she has repeatedly reported on her health limitations. Applegate also says in the podcast that she had severe diarrhea that made her dizzy. “I was so sick, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything,” she says.

A stool test finally diagnosed the sapovirus, which is responsible for severe diarrhea. “It breaks out when you ingest someone else’s feces through food,” she explains. “Another person’s feces got into my mouth and I ate it.” Applegate herself believes she caught the virus from a take-away salad from a restaurant where she has been a guest for 15 years. She “woke up at three in the morning in a pool of feces.”

“I wear diapers”

This circumstance, combined with her MS disease, was not a pleasant experience. “Having MS at 3 a.m. and trying to change the sheets is not fun. But that brings me to my next point that we can talk about: I wear diapers,” Applegate said.

Her podcast colleague Sigler then explains that these are not as cute on adults as they are on babies: “Adult diapers are usually pink. And they usually have some kind of bow or floral pattern along the pelvic area. To be honest, Christina and I talked about it “You don’t feel sexy when you put on adult diapers.” You don’t put these on and feel ready for the day. “It’s something you have to wear because your body is malfunctioning.”

Both Applegate and Sigler live with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Since March 2024, they have been talking about their experiences and life with the disease in their joint podcast.


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