Christina Milian: The singer has become a mother again

Christina Milian
The singer became a mother for the third time

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Now there are five of them! Christina Milian and her partner Matt Pokora have become parents again. The singer also has an older daughter.

Last December, Christina Milian announced her third pregnancy – just ten months after the last birth. After daughter Violet, who comes from a previous relationship, the 39-year-old and Matt Pokora, 35, had a son in January 2020, whom they named Isaiha. And now the couple can look forward to the birth of a son again.

“Kenna, welcome to the world boy”

Christina proudly announced the birth of her second boy via Instagram – and also revealed his name directly. “Kenna, welcome to the world, boy! Wow, what an adventure we’ve had since the day he was conception!” She let her followers know. Now she is happy to be able to hold a healthy boy in her arms.

In her text she also dedicated a few loving words to her partner: “I thank you, Matt, for being the best partner / father / best friend a woman could wish for. In my eyes you are a king.” In addition to the emotional text, the 39-year-old also published a sugar-sweet picture in which she is in bed with her youngest offspring.

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Christina Milian: Fans and celebrities congratulate the birth

Of course, the followers of the “AM to PM” interpreter insisted on congratulating her on her birth. In addition, numerous celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, 32, Selma Blair, 48, or Cassie, 34, spoke up to wish the triple mom all the best.

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