Christine Angot: this unlikely couple that she formed with a famous singer

It was during an interview for Next magazine in 2016 that Doc Gyneco confessed about his relationship with Christine Angot. The novelist had in one of her books crudely described her links with the singer.

Bruno Beausir aka Doc Gyneco had maintained a relationship at first sight unexpected with the novelist Christine Angot, 15 years his senior. It was in 2016 that the singer confided in the subject during an interview with our colleagues from the magazine Next. At that time, the singer had no not yet made its media return and found himself, briefly, a columnist on the show Do not touch My TV. This interview to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the artist’s first album entitled “First Consultation” had given rise to some confessions from Doc Gyneco, 48 years old.

The journalists of Next had not missed the writings of the novelist Christine Angot from 2008 concerning her antics with the singer in the book The lovers’ market. The artist had readily expressed himself on the subject by saying: “What I like about Christine is her spider side, black widow…I’ve been asked why I didn’t complain, but that’s what I love about her. That’s how she feeds her art: she eats her lovers.” Moreover, when this book was released, Bruno Beausir spoke in the magazine She. He had in particular thanked the writer on what she had written about him. “It’s hard to read yourself in a novel. I felt like I was opening a door and seeing myself having sex! I didn’t expect such a… immodest description. I am very flattered. I would like to thank her for introducing me, even modestly, to French literature. I do not yet take the full measure of this gift she gave me. It’s dizzying,” he had explained.

Doc Gyneco: “She is very sentimental, very sweet, pleasant”

During the short period when Doc Gynéco had sported the columnist’s apron in Do not touch My TV !the singer had already made some confessions about his intense relationship with Christine Angot in 2006. When Cyril Hanouna asked him how his ex was, Doc Gyneco explained: “She’s super nice! Me, I didn’t know the writer’s side. She is very sentimental, very sweet, pleasant”. Subsequently, the host asked the singer how long this passionate story had lasted. Doc Gyneco then replied: “A Day and a Half”. Which left viewers speechless.

Doc Gyneco contradicted himself regarding his relationship

Despite what he told the magazine She when the book comes out The lovers’ market by Christine Angot on the set of TPMP, the singer had simply contradicted himself. Also during this broadcast of April 3, 2019, Doc Gynéco had explained that there had been confusion. “There was a misunderstanding. She’s dating one of my best friends, who’s rasta“, he announced. It was then that Cyril Hanouna, astonished, asked him to confirm, saying: “You are telling us that it was not you but a friend of yours?“. Without flinching, the artist had agreed and maintained his words even when the host had put pressure on him to extract the truth from him.

Géraldine Maillet, just as surprised as Cyril Hanouna, had then pointed out that in the book The lovers’ marketreleased in 2008, Christine Angot spoke, however, of her story with Doc Gyneco. In fact, she talks about my best friendwith whom she is still today”, Doc Gyneco had then answered him. Which is quite the opposite of what he had explained to TV Star when the book comes out. “Our impossible love is described there without voyeurism. I admit that there are very intimate passages!! But I especially remember this story of a writer who interested in a little guy like me. And that, I wish for all the guys“, he confided at the time.

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