Christine Lagarde at Matignon, an anti-Pécresse missile

The hypothesis of an appointment of the boss of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, to Matignon is mentioned in the camp of Emmanuel Macron. Info or intox to destabilize the candidate LR, a few days before her big Parisian meeting.

This is one of the favorite subjects of the pillars of Emmanuel Macron’s majority: who will succeed Jean Castex at Matignon in the event of Emmanuel Macron’s re-election? So few bet on keeping the elected representative of Prades in his post, everyone has their own idea. In this game, the hypothesis of an appointment of Christine Lagarde, the current boss of the ECB, is on the rise. It’s the same favorite rumor of the moment. It would be Nicolas Sarkozy, according to “Les Echos”, who would have suggested the idea to Emmanuel Macron during their last lunch. A real banana peel slipped under the feet of Valérie Pécresse, the LR candidate, who crosses a false flat. At the relaunch, it has also just lost the support of Eric Woerth, chairman of the finance committee at the National Assembly who rallied to Emmanuel Macron.

A minister: “She speaks to the right-wing bourgeoisie and does not offend the Social Democratic voters”

Under these conditions, the Christine Lagarde rumor at Matignon infuses negative music on the right. The former boss of the IMF was indeed minister at the same time of Valérie Pécresse. “She’s a woman on the right, experienced and malleable,” confides a leading minister. A good weapon to destabilize Pécresse. She speaks to the right-wing bourgeoisie and does not offend the Social Democratic voters.

Nobody knows if Emmanuel Macron would appoint, in the event of re-election, Christine Lagarde to Matignon but two months before the first round of the presidential election, this rumor takes on the appearance of an anti-Pécresse missile.

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