Christmas nails: 4 designs for the holidays

Christmas nails
The most beautiful nail designs for the holidays

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Are you still looking for ideas for your Christmas nails? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for here!

Christmas is getting closer and while we’re busy thinking about the perfect one Christmas outfit we almost forgot one important detail: ours fingernails. which christmas nails for the public holidays are hip and how you manicure You can find out the best way to implement this in our article.

The classic: We celebrate Christmassy winter nails

In terms of style, you’re more of one of them minimalistswho like to be with little ones color accents round off your own outfit? Then that’s classic Red nail design guaranteed something for you – because the red color will make yours christmas nails quickly become an eye-catcher. who its brilliant nail design If you want to emphasize something else, you should also wear gold jewelry – because it harmonizes particularly well with shades of red. There are no limits to the color of the nail polish, because the golden accessories look great with both a bright and a richer red!

who that classic red not enough, maybe nail design either with one glitter varnish or one sample prettify. as motives are particularly suitable for this snowflakes or Stars. But beginners are also welcome nail sticker fall back on them if the nail art not so much. Among the most popular stickers are small ones Santas, mistletoe or gifts.

Christmas Nails: Our nail tips are sparkling this year

Who thinks that the sparkle at Christmas outfit has to stop is wrong. Because this year the motto is: More is more! That means yours glittering looks and your christmas nails allowed to shine to the bet. In order to do justice to this, we are starting this year strass and rhinestonesthat we put on our nails. The good news: around the nail art to conjure up on your fingers, you only need a special one nail glue and small, sparkling stones or rhinestones. Simply put a small amount of the glue on the back of the stones and then on the desired place of yours nails kLife. Press on briefly and wait – then the eye-catcher should last the whole day.

If you want to give the whole thing that certain something, you can go to one beforehand shiny or shimmering nail polish base put. On the other hand, do you wish for something more or stronger coloryou can too classic Christmas colors like red, green or white. Because they guarantee you too Christmassy eye-catcher look for your christmas nails.

French Nails: Taking the trend to the extreme

the French Nails have long been among them classics among the manicure trends. Because you can nail art not just with them common white tips wear, but also something colour bring into play. While colorful and neon-colored nail tips could be seen in summer, things got a bit more dignified in autumn. to Christmas but now it can do something again more magnificent and more colorful go to That’s why we’re setting up for this year’s holidays nail tips wit Gglitter. Just look for one glitter varnish in the color of your choice, have a top coat ready and then you can start painting yours christmas nails to create.

French nail hack

You feel like it Christmas French nail trend but don’t dare to draw the classic, fine line at home? Then you will this trick love! Because with one beauty blender out silicone you get the round shape very easily and without much effort cast on your nails. Shows us how this works nail account on tik tok.

Nail salon vs. painting at home: This is how you succeed in getting the perfect Christmas nails

Whether one his festive winternails created in your own four walls or rather the professionals in the nail studio visited is of course personal preference. Who at his nail design already feels something experience brings and his wallet want to take care of yourself manicure dare. Who, however, still to the manicure newbies heard and still does not feel so safe, can for his christmas nails gladly leave the professionals to work. They will give you the choice between when you visit nail polish, gel nails and Shellac and can you still before Christmas Motifs such as snowflakes and co. easily on the fingernails bring.

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