Christmas streaming: 5 new films not to miss in 2023

Christmas is coming soon ! And like every year, AlloCiné offers you a selection of films in this theme, to watch at home in streaming.

Hello Christmas Spirit (already available on Netflix)

What is it about ? When a twist of fate brings their families together for Christmas, Charlotte seizes the opportunity to prove that her old friend Jackie’s life is too good to be true.

What there is to know : It was Heather Graham and Brandy who opened the Christmas hostilities with this TV movie released on November 16. We’ll be honest: it’s nice to see the former American singer (The Boy is Miiiine) back on screen but we would have liked to see her in a better quality production. In any case, subscribers are not fooled: with a rating of 1.9/5, we should rather say “Goodbye Christmas spirit”.

Family Switch (November 30 on Netflix)

What is it about ? A family is thrown into chaos just days before Christmas when parents and children find themselves in each other’s shoes during a rare cosmic event.

What there is to know : Family Switch, the new Netflix comedy, is a bit of a Freaky Friday encore. Except this time, it concerns the whole family. We watch this film more for the casting than for the gags (except those around the dog and the baby, it’s genius) even if we ask what Jennifer Garner is doing here. Fans of the series Wednesday will be delighted to see Emma Myers (the brilliant Enid) on screen again.

A Bad Guys-style Christmas (November 30 on Netflix)

What is it about ? The Bad Guys are ready to celebrate Christmas, their favorite day of the year because while everyone is busy opening presents on Christmas morning, no one is there to stop the group from pulling off the heist they’ve been dreaming of. Except this year, Christmas is canceled!

What there is to know : It’s a very nice gift that Netflix is ​​offering to fans of The Bad Guys, the (super) animated film released in 2022. This special episode – only 30 minutes long – should be in the same vein as the feature film: fun, quirky, rhythmic and with a nice moral.

Christmas in Candy Lane (December 1 on Prime Video)

What is it about ? After Chris inadvertently makes a deal with a mischievous elf named Pepper to increase his chances of winning, she casts a magical spell that brings the 12 days of Christmas to life and wreaks havoc throughout the town. At the risk of ruining his family’s holiday, Chris, his wife Carol and their three children must race against time to break Pepper’s spell, confronting magical and evil characters in order to save Christmas for everyone.

What there is to know : Prime Video is also getting into Christmas time with several original productions. Eddy Murphy opens the ball with Christmas in Candy Lane, a family film about magic and swans in a swimming pool (we’re not kidding).

A Stunning Christmas (December 8 on Prime Video)

What is it about ? On Christmas Eve, Greg, a solitary and taciturn police officer, does not hesitate to abandon his daughter to go on a mission. To teach her a lesson, Santa Claus decides to grant his daughter’s wish: that her father looks like Richard Silestone, the good, slightly stupid and heavily indebted father of the family from the Christmas movie she loves.

While Greg is sent to this improbable world, Richard accidentally lands in the real world. Waking up, the two men understand that they have no choice but to succeed in each other’s mission to regain their respective lives: dismantle a dangerous drug ring for Richard and save the family home for Greg by winning the local figure skating competition.

What there is to know : Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The French also know how to get used to Christmas films. And it’s a comedy with a fantastic sauce that the streaming platform offers us with A Stunning Christmas which brings together in the cast Eric Judor, Matthias Quiviger (Ragnar), Alex Lutz, Laura Felpin and even Kim Higelin. But the real gift is the list of all the guests who appear there (did you think we were going to spoil the names for you?).

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