Christmas stress? No thank you! 5 rules we will adhere to this Advent

We just say: the potato and salad rule
5 rules with which we don’t even get into Christmas stress

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Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year – but unfortunately it quickly sinks into chaos. This year everything will be different: We adhere to five rules that will bring us stress-free through Advent.

Children, how time flies: It’s that time again, Christmas is just around the corner. Do you also have the feeling that Advent comes faster every year? In fact impossible, but our feeling tells us very clearly – November is miraculously running at double the pace. So that in December we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the Christmas jungle, which we were actually looking forward to, but which then gives us a slight feeling of stress.

At the end of the year, we really only want one thing, namely to enjoy. Take a deep breath, create beautiful moments with your loved ones, create a little Christmas spirit. The latter is difficult to enforce when the Advent to-do list is waiting and we still have numerous gifts to get. Stop – since nothing has been “normal” for a few years now, let’s just jump on the wave of change. And do a few things differently this Advent from the start and avoid the Christmas stress before it even arises. Are you joining us?

5 anti-Christmas stress rules

Rule 1: The Christmas tree is put up earlier.

Traditions are there to be broken. Many people know from the past that the Christmas tree is only set up and decorated on December 24th. But honestly? The earlier we do this part, the longer we can enjoy it! And there is one less to-do at Christmas itself.

Rule 2: We proclaim the official gift wrapping day.

Shortly before the holidays, you quickly disappear into small rooms to secretly wrap gifts. And especially for the less craft-loving among us, this task is less fun and more stressful. Let’s do it differently and plan the gift wrapping as an event. Cookies and punch will be served with it, maybe there will even be the first Christmas film? This turns packing into a nice day full of Advent mood.

Rule 3: One outfit for everyone.

Let’s be honest: the big celebrations are probably not going to be coming up this year either. That’s why you can still throw yourself in your shell, but you can leave your high heels in the closet. Instead of shopping again, this year we’re going through our wardrobe and opting for a universal outfit that we can wear to any celebration, that doesn’t pinch even after Christmas dinner and that can be easily changed and refined with accessories.

Rule 4: We go for a walk instead of inviting.

Advent coffees are a wonderful tradition, but they are also associated with work, if you think about the purchases before and the mountains of dishes afterwards. Due to the pandemic, it is better to meet in the fresh air anyway. That’s why we move the coffee wreaths outside, grab biscuits and thermos and take a nice Advent walk. Exercise and nature also lower the stress level and everyone: r can then return to their tidy home feeling calm.

Rule 5: There is a potato salad with (veggie) sausages.

Yes, yes, the ears are ringing with protests, but: the potato salad is a very traditional Christmas dinner. And the main idea was that it could be prepared well and that there would be more time for the family on the holidays. So – let’s slim down the meal this year and serve the classic, which can be refined at will. Another nice idea: all guests bring a part of the menu with them.


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