Christophe Dominici “tormented”: the moving confidences of his parents three years after his death: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Since November 24, 2020, Jeannot and Nicole survive. That day, these two retirees from Solliès-Pont, in the Var, lost their son, Christophe Dominici. A 48-year-old former rugby player from the Stade Français in Paris and the XV of France, he died after a fall of several meters in the Saint-Cloud park. The investigation carried out to shed light on the circumstances of his death did not make it possible to establish whether it was an accident or suicide. Three years after this tragedy, on November 24, 2023, his parents spoke at length in the columns of Nice morning. They have acquired a certainty: that which Christophe Dominici did not take his own life. “He wasn’t sleeping, he was tormented. He climbed onto this wall, as he often did because he always loved getting high, and he fell stupidly”, Jeannot believes. In the months preceding his death, Christophe Dominici went through a heavy depression which worried his loved ones, and in particular his parents with whom he returned to live. “He was depressed. He had lifelong treatment but he hadn’t taken his pills for several days”, remembers his dad. Despite everything, his father does not believe in the suicide theory. “If he wanted to kill himself, he wouldn’t have done it there. He would have gone on the road…”he confides to Nice morning.

Christophe Dominici: his mother cries “every day”

Like her husband, Nicole also does not think that Christophe Dominici wanted to kill himself that day. “Given the love he had for his daughters, and for us, he must have fallen”, she adds to our colleagues. The autopsy report, reported by Nice morning, seems to support their certainty. According to the document in fact, the sporty one “tried to catch up, his nails having been blackened by the material of the wall”. Since the death of their father, Kiara and Mya Dominici have been very close to their grandparents, whose pain and incomprehension they share. Because despite the passage of time, the rugby player’s parents suffer from “lack of response”. Three years later, Jeannot and Nicole think “every day” to their son and visit his grave at the Ritorte cemetery in Hyères regularly. “From where he is, he must not be happy, my son, to see me cry every day. It won’t bring him back, but I can’t help itconfided his mother to our colleagues. Parents should not bury their children. It’s not human what happened to us.”

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