Christophe positive at Covid-19: Jean-Paul Rouve, Nagui, Pierre-Jean Chalençon … the people support him: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The news fell on Sunday March 29, 2020. The singer Christophe has been hospitalized since Thursday evening in a Parisian hospital. According to information from Parisian, the 74-year-old artist, was tested positive for Covid-19. He was admitted for respiratory failure and is in an intensive care unit. "From medical sources, his condition is currently stable and he is very well supervised and monitored by medical personnel. In the current context, we are obviously worried", declares its turner, Laurent Castanié.

For her part, Véronique Bevilacqua, the singer's wife, replied to the Parisian be a little ignorant. "I cannot confirm that he has coronavirus because the hospital refuses to give me information after too many press calls. His condition is not reassuring, but it is stable. We, his family, hope the lungs will hold on and recover. "As soon as the news came, many artists wanted to show their support for the interpreter ofAline and Blue words.

The personalities show their support and love

"Thought for you my friend. Take care. I know you're going to come back to us even stronger, even funnier. And we will go to dinner at 11 p.m. when you wake up! we love you !!!!"declares Jean-Paul Rouve on his account Twitter. Other declarations of support and love have spread on social networks. "All my best wishes for a speedy recovery", wish him Michel Polnareff, "A thought, my friend Christophe", adds Marc-Olivier Fogiel, "Christophe hold on I beg you. Hold on, I beg you. I love you very much"implores Keren Ann, "The singer Christophe hospitalized … 'I will tell him the blue words'. Courage hang on we love you so much"says Christophe Beaugrand.

"Billions of thoughts for Christophe to make him better and to share good times with him as always"post Nagui sure Instagram. "The news that Christophe, affected by the coronavirus, has been placed in intensive care, adds to the list of our blue ailments " sadly underlines Eric Naulleau. For its part, Pierre-Jean Chalençon considers 2020 to be a cursed year for him, after having suffered the loss of his friend Michou and his father. "I'm going to hate forever this year 2020 .. Michou … dad … and my friend Christophe, the singer, who is in intensive care … hold on buddy … I love you brother", he breathes. Jeanne Mas wanted to give all its support to the singer with an air by Michel Berger: "A loving thought for my friend Christophe. Resist, follow your heart that insists, fight, sign and persist"This revelation follows a list, which is growing day by day, of personalities contaminated by Covid-19. The most recent is that of Patrick Devedjian who succumbed to the disease, on March 29, 2020.

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