Christopher (Les Ch’tis), his accent criticized: this secret he had been hiding for years (EXCLUDED)

Between 2011 and 2014, W9 broadcast a successful reality show called The Sticks. The cameras then followed the adventures of several young candidates from the North of France who flew to live their dreams around the world. Among them, Hillary Vanderosieren, Gaëlle Petit, Kelly Helard, Jordan Faelens or even Christopher via Putje. The latter has made the heyday of many seasons, from the very first in Ibiza to the penultimate in Hollywood via Mykonos. But in 2014, it vanished. No more trace of him, neither on television nor on social networks. 8 years later, here he is making his big comeback on the front of the stage. In effect, Christopher is in the cast of Apprentice adventurers, a survival show broadcast on W9 and presented by Laurent Maistret. For Purepeople.comhe delivers on all these years away from the spotlight.

Why did you accept the filming of Apprentice adventurers ?

I wanted to know how far I could go, to test my limits. And then, I am in high demand: people are waiting for my return, I have been offered programs. I needed to leave, move, discover something else. I didn’t miss it at all but it felt good to come back.

This is a reality TV show focused on sport and survival, far from the Ch’tis… Why?

It’s true that it’s another concept, and that played into my choice. I didn’t want to be locked up in a villa. I like basic adventure so this was the perfect show.

How did you react when you discovered your partner?

I immediately understood that she was very sporty and I told myself that it would be complicated. I didn’t know her at all. Upon discovering her, I was hoping that it would go well. From the start, she put a little pressure on me. I was thinking of making my comeback quietly… It promises!

What was the hardest thing for you during this adventure?

The hardest part was leaving my loved ones. My whole family, but especially my wife and my dog. And then the lack of food was also hard to live with. When I’m hungry I’m grumpy.

How did you deal with the hunger?

There was a little of everything. Weakness but above all anger. The slightest little thing, when you’re struggling, you can’t stand it. It’s not easy, but it’s still a great experience. I have no regrets and if I had to do it again I would do it again.

How many pounds have you lost?

I lost about 3 kilos. I have always been thin. I lost some fat, I don’t know where (laughs). After when I came back I took back at least the double!

It’s a resounding comeback after 8 years of absence! Why did you quit reality TV?

Notoriety is not easy to live with. There were good things but also bad. I wanted to isolate myself, I needed it. I also wanted to see if the craze subsided. After four, five years, I see that people are still so enthusiastic so I had no choice but to come back!

What have you been doing all this time?

I have always worked in construction, I am a roofer and carpenter. I’ve never been very social media. I don’t have patience, I’m hyperactive!

You were a dancer, where is your career?

I always dance, as long as there is music. But I don’t dance in clubs anymore, just at home in my living room.

You had a love affair with Kelly, why did you break up?

I haven’t heard from her, but everything is going well between us. We stayed on good terms, at least I think. I saw she did the show Moms & famous. She makes her life, I wish her only happiness with Neymar and still lots of children. I had a great adventure with her, but we weren’t made for each other.

What has changed in you since 2014?

I would say nothing has changed. Because I always kept my head on my shoulders. It’s not easy, people’s outlook changes with television. But I take it upon myself and I always remain myself. I’m still recognized in the street, it’s impressive. Shaved, with the mask… It doesn’t change anything. As long as people come to me with respect, that’s fine with me.

Your Ch’ti accent is not always understood and sometimes even laughed at, how do you deal with it?

I learned French at 16. My mother tongue is Flemish and Dutch. I was born in Tourcoing but I studied in Flanders, Belgium. I am bilingual today. You don’t choose your family, that’s why I grew up with the Flemish (laughs). But I remain a Ch’ti! The criticisms are not obvious, sometimes it’s hard to take. But most of the time, I don’t pay attention to it.

Are you considering other reality TV shows?

Why not ! I regained a taste for life (laughs). I turned An almost perfect dinner before The trainees. I’m not interested in shows to find love, since I don’t need it. On the other hand, I remain open to any proposal for adventure programs. I would like to do Beijing Express with my darling.

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