Christopher Nolan: Oppenheimer longer than Interstellar? The rumor of a record duration!

What if the next Christopher Nolan lasted 3 hours? The news is to be taken conditionally, but it is rumored that the film Oppenheimer, which will be released this summer in France, would display an approximate duration of 3 hours, which is more than Interstellar.

XXL length films have been coming one after the other for a few months: after Avatar 2, Babylon, or very recently John Wick 4 and its 2h50, here is another film that should break duration records!

The information is to be taken with a grain of salt, because it does not come from the studio behind this film, but it is already widely commented on, and we pass it on here… Christopher Nolan’s next film, Oppenheimer, should last approximately 3 a.m., Puck News understands.

Christopher Nolan has accustomed us to long films, so this choice would be part of a certain continuity for the filmmaker: Interstellar lasted 2h50, The Dark Knight displayed 2h44 on the clock, Tenet lasted 2h30 or Inception and its 2h28…

For his new film Oppenheimer, dated July 19, 2023 in France, Christopher Nolan will tell the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist whose work led to the creation of the atomic bomb during the Second World War.

Everyone therefore knows the end of the story, but not necessarily what led us there. And everything suggests that Christopher Nolan will build the story like a thriller, his favorite genre, with two opposing points of view. The opportunity for him to play with two image formats, and to make Oppenheimer the first film shot in IMAX and in black and white. As if that were not enough, the director, true to his legend, also managed to recreate a nuclear explosion without resorting to digital effects.

Quiz Christopher Nolan: what movie does this shot belong to?

Faced with such promises, visual and narrative, we almost forget the equally impressive five-star cast. Faithful to the director’s universe, Cillian Murphy will hold the main role for the first time in their common career. And he will be surrounded by Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Josh Hartnett, Benny Safdie or even Robert Downey Jr., for his first post-Marvel Cinematic Universe role.

Budgeted at $100 million, Oppenheimer will be one of the summer 2023 movie events around the world.

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