Chrome now lets you search your history and bookmarks from the address bar

Google keeps changing its Chrome browser for PC and Mac. The improvements made are most often aimed at increasing the productivity of people who work mainly using a browser.

Aficionados call Chrome’s search bar the Omnibox. The company is constantly making changes and improvements to make it always more practical and efficient for advanced users. The browser is now equipped with a feature that allows you to search the history, favorites, and even better in the tabs directly from the Omnibox.

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When you work on your computer most often and want to keep your fingers on the keyboard, it’s always useful to know some shortcuts. In addition to the classic Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, which are not specific to Chrome, we will particularly remember Ctrl + Shift + A to search for a particular tab, the essential Ctrl + Shift + T, to reopen the last closed tab or again Ctrl + H, to open the History.

Chrome allows you to search the History from the Omnibox

Google now offers another way to quickly access your history or search the contents of a tab: by writing directly to the Omnibox. History search is now available there by typing @history, tabs by typing @tabs, and bookmarks by typing @bookmarks.

These commands must always be followed by a space and then the query to work. This feature being experimental, it is only accessible if you activate the following flag: chrome://flags/#omnibox-site-search-starter-pack

You can navigate through the results using the arrow keys, and all you have to do is press Enter to be taken to the desired site or service (for History and Favorites) or to the tab you are looking for.

Google warns that by enabling these features, you risk losing browsing data or compromising your security or privacy. Also note that Chrome needs to be updated frequently to fix security vulnerabilities.

Search history, bookmarks, and tabs should be available on Chrome 106, but it’s apparently not rolling out to everyone yet.

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