Chronicle of a temporary affair: Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne in an impossible love story

Discover the first images of Emmanuel Mouret’s new romantic comedy, Chronicle of a passing affair. In theaters September 7th.

After The things we say, the things we do and his 13 nominations for the César 2021, Emmanuel Mouret is already back behind the camera with Chronicle of a temporary affair.

The 52-year-old filmmaker continues to explore romantic relationships, this time featuring Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne in the lead roles.

The actress plays Charlotte, a single mother who will have an affair with a married man, Simon.

Committed to seeing each other only for fun and not to experience any feelings of love, they are increasingly surprised by their complicity.

“It is the story of two lovers, and the formal particularity of this story is that we meet at all the meetings of these lovers. We do not see their lives on the side.

We follow a kind of ‘Scenes from extramarital life’, if we can start from Bergman’s film [Scènes de la vie conjugale]”explained Emmanuel Mouret at the microphone of France Inter last year.

Presented as part of Cannes Première on the Croisette this year, Chronicle of a Passing Liaison will be released in theaters on September 7th.

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