Chrysler Airflow Concept: this electric SUV integrates a camera in each seat for videoconferences

Chrysler presented an electric SUV concept by the name of Airflow Concept, as part of CES 2022. The one that reflects the brand’s ambitions in terms of connected vehicles wants to combine modernity and endurance, thanks to a range exceeding 600 kilometers and a camera integrated in each seat.

Chrysler Airflow Concept (5)

Source: Stellantis

For several years now, the Consumer Electronics Show has given pride of place to the automobile. This CES 2022 is no exception to the rule and gives the opportunity to the manufacturer Chrysler to reveal a whole new concept of electric SUV, called Airflow Concept.

This project, which we do not know if it is intended to become a production vehicle, in any case reflects its ambitions in terms of connected cars. A first model will land in particular in 2025, while its catalog will be fully electrified by 2028.

Personalized connected experience

The Chrysler Airflow Concept stands out in particular by its front face, which accommodates a vertical blade made up of LEDs as a light signature. Its panoramic roof undoubtedly brings a feeling of space once inside, reinforced by a long wheelbase, ensures the subsidiary of Stellantis.

The manufacturer also wants to put the package on connectivity and on-board technologies: artificial intelligence, personalized experience for each passenger, multiple screens, management of the infotainment system according to their needs and personal interests, so many solutions available within the vehicle.

Autonomous driving level 3

The official press release also focuses on the STLA AutoDrive system, which offers level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. Everything can be improved thanks to remote software updates, which are now very common on new car models. electric.

At a time when the Covid-19 has turned our professional habits upside down, Chrysler is trying to adapt to it by integrating a camera in each seat of the car: this will allow passengers to participate in videoconferences, whether for work, with friends or family.

In a more technical register, the Chrysler Airflow Concept benefits from an all-wheel drive, a power of 150 kW (203 hp) and a range of between 563 and 643 kilometers. Fast charging will also be there, as will the 22-inch wheels available as standard.

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