Church bell opponent Sandra B. (63) wants to move away from Luchsingen GL

It’s a hell of a noise! Sandra B. * (63) has been filling the village of Luchsingen GL with deafening radio noise since the end of 2020. Whenever the bells ring in the Reformed Church. She is protesting against the quarter-hourly and nightly ringing. But now the end of the dispute seems to be in sight. As the “Südostschweiz” reports, the bell opponent put her house up for sale for 1.2 million francs.

It is not popular. Most of the more than 1000 citizens of Luchsingen are upset by the loud protest. Corresponding reactions are inevitable: A window has already been thrown in the house, anonymous hateful letters landed in the mailbox, the IV pensioner earns angry looks on the street. So does Sandra B. buckle? After all, she has already managed to get the parish assembly to discuss a reduction in the bells in the summer.