CINEMA: Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire, punches and crushes in a frantic new trailer

Regardless of its reception by the public, the start of the cinema year will be marked by the release ofAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom. The feature film by and with Guillaume Canet featuring a string of stars is expected at the turn after past episodes with varying reviews, and it takes shape more with a new trailerprobably the last.

After a trailer Giving us a taste of our heroes’ journey to China to aid an empress in the throes of a coup d’etat and the arrival of Caesar’s army, this new glimpse allows us to appreciate an anthology of scenes in any kind. Favorites and punches by Jonathan Cohen, ditty pushed by José Garciajoke on veganism given by Gilles Lellouche, appearances by Angèle and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, action scenes boosted with computer-generated images… There is food and drink in this video, which will certainly be the case too in the full feature film.

We are in 50 BC The Empress of China is imprisoned following a coup fomented by Deng Tsin Quin, a traitorous prince.

Helped by Graindemaïs, the Phoenician merchant, and by his faithful warrior Tat Han, Princess Fu-Yi, the Empress’s only daughter, fled to Gaul to ask for help from the two valiant warriors Asterix and Obelix, endowed with superhuman strength thanks to their magic potion.

Our two inseparable Gauls of course agree to help the Princess to save her mother and liberate her country. And here they are all on their way for a great adventure to China.

But Caesar and his powerful army, always thirsty for conquest, have also taken over the leadership of the Middle Empire…

The release date ofAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom is still set for February 1, 2023 in France. If you like the world of Goscinny and Uderzo, the animated film Asterix, the secret of the magic potion is available from €11.35 on Blu-ray at

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