CINEMA: Avatar: The Way of the Water, a first grandiose trailer for the second part of the saga of James Cameron

Recently, during the CinemaConwe finally learned the title of the second feature film Avatar by James Cameron, which will mark the beginning of a series of 4 films following that of 2009. This Avatar: The Way of WaterWhere The way of the water in French, was entitled to a first teaser trailer before theatrical release Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and we were promised its arrival on the Web for this week. Well, it didn’t drag on sinceit has just been officially postedenough to take full view.

Trailer VO

This first glimpse where only the words of the protagonist resonate Jake Sullyspeaking of his family as a fortressdepicts environments of unreal beauty, always with the lush jungle of pandorabut also and above all an unprecedented aquatic area, both on its surface and under the waves. This natural and peaceful world, populated by Na’viwill however be disturbed by the return of the GDR (Resources Development Administration) and its very human machinery. Yes, we can clearly see from here the theme used, as simple as it is effective at a time when global warming and the destruction of fauna and flora are a real issue. The Na’vi will in particular have to fight against Avatars used by Humans, a new duel of David against Goliath symbolized here by firearms opposed to simple bows and arrows. You will also notice the presence of the son of Jack and Neytirivisibly hybrid between the two races.

VOSTFR Trailer

Avatar The Waterway poster en 09 05 2022

Avatar: The Way of the Water will be screened in cinemas on December 16 in North America and from the 14th in France. The first film is still available on Blu-ray on Amazon at €15.00.

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