CINEMA: Captain America: Brave New World, the feature film with Sam Wilson’s version of the hero changes its name

If we now know the main lines of the projects of the Stage 5 of Marvel Cinematic Universe, this does not prevent changes from occurring, in particular of date, which means that our recap of last October has already evolved. So, The Marvels will not be released before the end of the year in cinemas, with season 2 of Loki And Echo on the side of Disney+. And if this year’s feature films are turned towards worlds beyond the stars and towards the infinitely small, the stories of 2024 will a priori be totally grounded on Earth, with Captain America: New World Order And Thunderbolts. Well, you can however forget the title of the first quoted, which has just changed…

THE New world order and its rather stylized logo therefore fall by the wayside in favor ofa more consensual title which is no longer related to conspiracy theories. It will now be necessary to call the film Captain America: Brave New Worldas we learn from a brief message on social networks, accompanied by a photo from the set. We find there Anthony Mackie in uniform of Captain Americashield hung in the back, who has already put away his beautiful suit obtained at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldiereven if it appears with on the top screen, in favor ofa blue outfit close to the one worn by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in The Winter Soldier. The cliche is also a good way toproperly introduce Harrison Ford to the castingalready confirmed last year by the specialized media and which replaces the late William Hurt in the role of General Rossor rather as President of the United States Rossas Kevin Feige announced last February.

Rest, the release date of this Captain America: Brave New World is still set for May 3, 2024 across the Atlantic. You can review previous projects featuring Sam Wilson on Disney+whose subscription costs €8.99 per month or €89.90 per year.

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