CINEMA: Furiosa: A Mad Max saga puts the brakes on in a second vengeful trailer

After Three thousand years waiting for youdirector George Miller returned behind the camera for a fifth feature film in the desert and desolate universe of Mad Max. Except that the latter will not be the star this time. As indicated by his name, Furiosa: A Mad Max saga will have as its heroine the future Imperator that we knew in Fury Roadthe film focuses precisely on the events of his past which led him alongsideImmortan Joe. No Charlize Theron by the way, since it’s Anya Taylor-Joy who now plays the character, sharing the spotlight with Chris Hemsworth playing the crazy guy Warlord Dementus. We were able to discover a first trailer at the end of last year during the CCXP23 and it’s a second trailer who came to delight us this week, focusing on the quest for revenge of Furiosawho will go through many trials.

Trailer VOSTFR

While she lived in the Green Earth, the young Furiosa will get kidnapped and end up at Dementus, who will want to monopolize the wealth of this fertile region. Her visibly resourceful mother will then try to find her in the wastelands, but will end up being captured and dying before her daughter’s eyes. We will be treated to at least one big racing sequence in the desert during this vengeful quest, obviously reminiscent of that of Fury Roadas well as a potentially romantic relationship between a certain Praetorian Jack (Tom Burke) and Furiosa. The end of the video gives us a more pronounced glimpse of the well-known appearance of the latter, bald and with his mechanical prosthesis.

Trailer VF

Furiosa A Mad Max saga poster 03 21 2023 Furiosa A Mad Max saga poster Empire 02 21 03 2023

Furiosa: A Mad Max saga is expected in theaters on May 22, 2024 in France and on the 24th in the United States. Mad Max: Fury Road is currently sold as a single Blu-ray and 4K UHD combo for €14.99 on Amazon.

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