Cinema Quiz: 11 films to recognize!

While C8 broadcasts “The Mask” this evening, test your knowledge on the woman who took her first steps in the cinema in this cult comedy: Cameron Diaz.

Ten years after filming her last film, Annie, Cameron Diaz is preparing to make her return to the screens since she will be starring in an action comedy on Netflix this year: Back In Action, alongside Jamie Foxx. They will play a couple who resigned from the CIA a long time ago to start a family but who will be overtaken by their spy past.

A return to the forefront that all Cameron Diaz fans are impatiently awaiting but the date for which has not yet been announced. But in the meantime, they can rewatch one of the actress’ classics, The Mask, broadcast this evening on C8 and in which she plays opposite Jim Carrey, who was also treated to a quiz recently.

Before attempting to recognize 11 films from the career of the funny lady of the big screen, we offer you some anecdotes from filming on Chuck Russell’s comedy.

Did you know ?

Originally a comic

Originally, The Mask was a comic but very different from the film: very bloody and terrifying, with jokes to alleviate the fear. It was a revenge story and there was no Milo the dog.


The dog was well trained but only knew the basics. For example, he couldn’t catch the Frisbee. But since Jim Carrey had a dog of the same breed and he got along well with it, the apprenticeship became shorter.


Jim Carrey was hired in part because he knew how to improvise. In the scene where he is disguised as a Frenchman, he had to smoke a cartoon cigarette which burned itself out in one breath. But that didn’t work, so he improvised the smoke in the shape of a heart and the arrow that stuck in it… The moment where he kisses an old woman after singing Cuban Pete songwas also not in the script and surprised everyone.

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