Cinema quiz: 9 villains, 9 films to recognize!

We loved hating them! These are all these “bad guys” of the 80s, these many characters without which the classics of this decade would no longer have any reason to exist. Can you recognize them all?

Like every decade of cinema, the 80s also brought their share of charismatic “bad guys”, who knew how to cross the years to be still present today in popular culture, some of them having even become iconic. They deserved to be given a quiz, and before starting, a small portrait of three of them, which will of course not appear in the answers to be found.

We could start by evoking one of the characters who often comes up in the rankings of the greatest villains in the history of cinema, the bogeyman who had the privilege of initiating a saga which now bears his name: Freddy Krueger. A terrifying character who with his striped sweater and his steel claws has stalked many teenagers in his films and haunted several generations of viewers.

If Christopher Lloyd remains above all, and probably forever, the face of the Doc in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future, we can remember that he also interpreted a much less sympathetic character under the direction of the same director in another movie. Of course, we are talking about Judge DeMort, who is determined to defeat all the Toons in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

Women are not left out, and in a very different cinematographic genre, we can mention the disturbing Alex Forrest of Liaison Fatale, played by Glenn Close, who will put Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) through a real hell following their one night stand.

These are just three examples from a very large family of dastardly characters. Here are nine others in this quiz dedicated to them. Ready for the showdown?

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