Cinema quiz: find the odd one out among these stars! (be careful, it’s not easy…)

With this new quiz format, you are asked to find the odd one out of four images. Can you find them all?

It is a new concept of quiz that we propose to you today. It will not be a question of finding a film from an image or identifying an actor, but of trying to find the intruder among four proposed images. In other words, three of the people presented will have something in common that connects them, which will not be the case for the fourth.

An example. If we offer you visuals of Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Robert Pattinson, and Tom Holland, the intruder will obviously be… Tom Holland. Indeed, the young interpreter of Spider-Man is the only one not to have endorsed the costume of Batman in the cinema unlike his counterparts.

Last example a little more difficult perhaps as a warm-up before you start. Brad Pitt, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sean Penn, and Michael Douglas. Among these four actors, all have made an appearance as a guest in the Friends series with the exception of … Michael Douglas.

Now it’s up to you, trying to flush out the seven intruders in this unique quiz, which should give you food for thought!

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