Cinema quiz: impossible to recognize all these movie cars!

On the occasion of the cinema release of “Christine” by John Carpenter, we invite you to try to recognize these cars in the films, with a quiz in ten questions. Be careful when exiting the road!

This Wednesday Christine, one of the many great fantastic films of the master of the genre, John Carpenter, hit the cinemas again. The film, released in 1983, followed the relative failure of The Thing, which at the time had been largely overshadowed by the blockbusters Blade Runner and ET The Extra-Terrestrial. It is one of the first big-screen adaptations of a Stephen King novel, which features a possessed car, which will be very jealous of its owner, going so far as to want to get rid of its human rivals…

Other cars have marked the history of cinema, starting with the iconic Dolorean from Back to the Future. This machine built by “Doc” and which allows time travel when it reaches the precise speed of 88 miles per hour. A car that might never have seen the light of day, because the origin of the project by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg was a refrigerator that was to allow Marty McFly to return to the past, thanks to the energy of an atomic explosion!

Another famous car from the cinema, the Batmobile of the vigilante of Gotham, with the design evolving from film to film since the Batman of Tim Burton in 1989, until the recent film of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson. A real racing car with a futuristic look capable of withstanding explosions, and itself equipped with various weapons of all kinds.

If we add to this list, the many models of agent 007 James Bond from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, all the cars of the nine films of the Fast and Furious saga, the countless chases in the films, and other cars icons in the history of cinema, we had more than enough to offer you a special “cars in the cinema” quiz. So take the wheel, and don’t go out of your way to achieve the perfect!

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