Cinema quiz: impossible to recognize these 7 phones!

From old corded telephones to very recent smartphones, passing by our dear flip phones, will you be able to recognize these seven telephones seen in film scenes?

Our phones have experienced a real revolution in our society over the past fifty years. In just a few decades, we have gone from the era of good old rotary phones and telephone booths, to the arrival of the first clamshell cordless phones, to the ubiquitous hegemony in our daily lives of smartphones.

Of course, all these different models have also evolved and succeeded each other throughout the history of cinema with some striking scenes that have remained in our memory.

We remember for example, from the silent era, this magnificent scene from Cameraman by Buster Keaton, where the young actor is on the phone with the woman he is in love with. He then drops the handset, to embark on a mad dash through the streets of the city, and the young woman barely has time to realize that his interlocutor is no longer on the line, that he appears all out of breath at his side.

Fast forward in time, with a good old landline telephone for one of the most famous intro scenes in horror cinema. It’s Drew Barrymore in Scream making popcorn, who then receives the ominous call from a deep voice offering to answer a few questions about his movie tastes.

And if we had to choose only one phone booth scene, we could keep the one that opposed François Damiens to Jérémie Renier in Dikkennek with this punchline that has become cult “Or you go out or I go out, but you will have to make a decision!”.

These are all these different models that you will encounter in our quiz. Can you dial the Perfect number?

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