Cinema quiz: in which films do we see these treasures? Only archaeologists will have any good!

“Fortune and Glory!” launched Half Moon in Indy in “The Temple of Doom”. The treasures in the cinema, it is an old tradition, filled with sometimes unscrupulous adventurers provided that the wealth is there. Can you identify these treasures from their films?

Ark of the Covenant containing the famous Tables of the Law of Moses. The Grail which would have been used to collect the blood of Christ during his crucifixion. The legendary mines of King Solomon and his immeasurable riches. The equally famous treasure of the Templars, of which we have lost track and which some enthusiasts are still actively seeking.

Without forgetting of course, for good measure, the prodigious treasure from the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun discovered in November 1922 by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. A treasure which will also be at the origin of the curse of the pharaoh, a myth developed at the beginning of the 20th century and very abundantly relayed by the newspapers of the time.

This is obviously only a tiny handful of examples of treasures widely mentioned in the cinema, in works featuring adventurous archaeologists, sometimes mercenaries without faith or law, provided that the riches are at the end of the road. . An obviously long and perilous path, it goes without saying, ultimately up to the rarity and / or power of the coveted objects.

Can you find where the treasures in this quiz come from? Take the test! “Fortune and Glory!” are perhaps at the end of the road, like the Half Moon swings at Indy in the Temple of Doom section.

It goes without saying that our favorite Indiana Jones, absolute icon of this type of character, did not have the prerogative of novelty. In 1942, for example, the film The Perils of Nyokaadapted from a Pulp comic from the 1930s, featured an archaeologist, Professor Campbell (Forbes Murray), and his assistant, Doctor Larry Grayson (Clayton Moore).

They discovered an ancient papyrus indicating the location of the Golden Tablets of Hippocrates. This fabulous treasure lost in antiquity would contain the secrets of Greek medicine. Adventures and exoticism on the menu of this film which is one of the many works that influenced George Lucas to create the character and the universe ofIndianaJones.

Another influence in the creation of the character: Charlton Heston, alias Harry Steele, in The Secret of the Incas, in 1954. Before donning the tunic of Ben-Hur, the actor played adventurers in the Peruvian jungle in search of a fabulous treasure. We say to ourselves that George Lucas must have watched the film over and over, as Heston’s panoply lays the foundations for that of the future Indiana Jones: three-day beard, leather jacket and Fedora hat on the menu!

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