Cinema quiz: which poster does this detail belong to?

New edition of zoom zoom quiz. This time, it’s movie posters from the 2000s that we have greatly zoomed in to leave you only a simple detail, in order to try to find the original poster.

A close-up eye on a black background staring at you. It is the (slightly) anxiety-provoking poster of a film which was no less anxiety-provoking, that of Requiem for a dream by Darren Aronofsky with Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly released in 2000. A decade rich in cinema which has offered other memorable posters.

One can think of that of Cloverfield, which presented us with a Statue of Liberty from behind, decapitated, with a New York on fire in the background. An image referring to this landmark scene from the beginning of the film, where moments after the attack, the heroes see the head of the famous statue flying in front of them and crashing a few meters away.

Another outstanding poster from this period, still in the fantastic register, that of Donnie Darko by Richard Kelly who had revealed the actor Jake Gyllenhall. We see most of the characters from the film, in very light blue, forming the head of the disturbing Frank, the nightmarish rabbit who will haunt young Donnie throughout the film.

Last example, with a film a little more confidential, but which had known how to mark a certain public when it was released in 2002, The Laws of Attraction by Roger Avary. On a yellow background, you could see couples of teddy bears in quite explicit positions, with this tagline “we all walk on instinct”.

It is therefore with posters from this decade that we are going to play with this new quiz, posters that we have greatly zoomed in, to keep only a very small part. Can you recognize these nine films?

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