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The Animal Kingdom by Thomas Cailley

With Romain Duris, Paul Kircher, Adèle Exarchopoulos…

What is it about ? In a world plagued by a wave of mutations which are gradually transforming certain humans into animals, François does everything to save his wife, affected by this mysterious phenomenon. As the region becomes populated by creatures of a new kind, he takes Émile, their 16-year-old son, on a quest that will forever change their lives.

Did you know ? With The Animal Kingdom, Thomas Cailley made his second film after Les Combattants, which began with a realistic tone and gradually slid towards the fantastical. The director confides:

This journey was not planned, I discovered it while making the film. But the possibilities of fantasy excited me. While participating in a jury at Fémis, I read a script written by Pauline Munier, in which it was a question of hybridization between Man and Animal…”

Bernadette by Léa Domenach

With Catherine Deneuve, Denis Podalydès, Michel Vuillermoz…

What is it about ? When she arrives at the Elysée, Bernadette Chirac expects to finally obtain the place she deserves, she who has always worked in the shadow of her husband so that he becomes president. Sidelined because she was considered too old-fashioned, Bernadette then decided to take her revenge.

Did you know ? Léa Domenach knows Jacques Chirac well since her father, the political journalist Nicolas Domenach, is a specialist on the former President. But his wife was much less familiar to him and she had a fairly negative image of her, until she discovered the documentary Bernadette Chirac, memoir of a free woman, by Anne Barrère, who had been her advisor in communication.

Between the lines by Eva Husson

With Odessa Young, Josh O’Connor, Colin Firth…

What is it about ? England, 1924. A maid for an aristocratic couple, Jane is secretly dating Paul, the son of the owners of the neighboring manor. Instinctively, Jane knows that their difference in background, and Paul’s future marriage to another, dooms their passionate affair to failure. She then clings to these stolen embraces as so many future memories intended to nourish her pen as a writer in the making.

Did you know ? Between the Lines was presented in a special screening under the Cannes Première label at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Eva Husson is familiar with the famous French festival since Les Filles du soleil was selected in competition there in 2018.

The Air of the Sea Sets You Free by Nadir Moknèche

With Youssouf Abi-Ayad, Kenza Fortas, Saadia Bentaïeb…

What is it about ? Rennes, nowadays. Saïd still lives with his parents. He is having a secret affair with Vincent. Unable to face his family, he accepts an arranged marriage with Hadjira. After an unhappy love affair and some run-ins with the law, she too resigned herself to obeying her mother.

Did you know ? The character of Saïd was born from an injustice and an observation that Nadir Moknèche made about the representation of gay, Arab and French boys today:

“If you type these three words into a search engine, you will see a majority of pornographic images appear, fetishistic images associated with a stereotype of the virile thug. I have always worked to debunk clichés and deconstruct clichés to offer another representation of North Africans in France.”

Lost In The Night by Amat Escalante

With Juan Daniel García Treviño, Ester Expósito, Bárbara Mori…

What is it about ? In a small town in Mexico, Emiliano searches for those responsible for his mother’s disappearance. An environmental activist, she opposed the local mining industry. Receiving no help from the police or the justice system, his research leads him to the wealthy Aldama family.

Did you know ? Amat Escalante has a habit, when he begins to work on the script of a film, of accumulating ideas and arranging them to derive a story that he can then put into images. He specifies :

“Lost In The Night owes a lot to the pandemic, to the sudden change in the world: I was able, during this period, to see more films, think more and read these books that I had not taken the time to read until- there. Dostoyevsky, for example, and Les Misérables.”

The Other Laurens by Claude Schmitz

With Olivier Rabourdin, Louise Leroy, Kate Moran…

What is it about ? Gabriel Laurens is a somewhat tired private detective, specializing in marital affairs. When his niece Jade bursts into his life to ask him to investigate the death of her father, Gabriel’s twin brother, he sees memories resurface that he thought were buried forever. Confronted with the ghosts of his past, Gabriel is drawn into a strange investigation mixing pretenses, fantasies and drug trafficking.

Did you know ? Olivier Rabourdin is the only actor that Claude Schmitz met for the role of Gabriel Laurens. The filmmaker very quickly felt that he could bring real complexity to the twins in the film. He specifies :

“Olivier comes from the theater and, as such, he is an actor who has a very broad range of acting. He is both strong and vulnerable. He reminds me of actors from an older generation like Ventura, Gabin, Cremer.”

Our body by Claire Simon

What is it about ? I had the opportunity to film the epic tale of female bodies in the hospital, in their diversity, their singularity, their beauty throughout the stages on the path of life. A journey of desires, fears, struggles and unique stories that each person experiences alone. One day I had to go in front of the camera.

Did you know ? The initiative for the project came from producer Kristina Larsen, who had just spent two years at the hospital, where she rubbed shoulders with the world of caregivers and patients, in a service that encompasses everything that women go through during their life. ‘a life.

Any genius ideas? by Brice Gravelle

What is it about ? In the baggage of a big boss! Philippe Ginestet is 67 years old, he is the boss of the GIFI and TATI chain of stores. But within the exclusive club of big French bosses, he stands out. Self-made man, French incarnation of the American dream, his management methods are atypical.

Hail Bitch: Misogyny in the Digital Age by Lea Clermont-Dion, Guylaine Maroist

With Marion Seclin

What is it about ? On two continents, four women are victims of extreme cyberviolence: Marion Séclin, French actress and YouTuber, Laura Boldrini, president of the Italian parliament, Kiah Morris, American Democratic representative, as well as Laurence Gratton, young Quebec teacher.

Did you know ? In 2012, the documentary’s co-director, Léa Clermont-Dion, experienced her first form of 2.0 harassment, including death and rape threats: “Attacks on my physique and my sexuality, intellectual delegitimization: the classic and insidious attacks against women. I then withdrew and kept silent.”

“I was 22 years old and I was ashamed of being a woman for a while. When I became aware of the scale of the phenomenon and the number of women affected, I wanted to make this film , bold in its approach and punchy in its effect, to make a difference.”

Outside Inside by François Havez

What is it about ? For over 2 years, I followed a group of researchers to try to capture its dynamics, its questions and its work. Collaborative research in a boarding house within the framework of Housing First: How to learn to live with your home after a journey of homelessness.

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