CINEMA: Sonic, the movie 2, a very beautiful official poster in red and blue, the French release date advanced

Nobody would have signed an ambitious film saga on Sonic the Hedgehogand yet, the good critical reception of sonic the movie opened great doors. Its sequel will be released next month, and Paramount Pictures has just signed for the development of a series live action around Knuckles for 2023, and even a third feature film for later.

But before that, it’s sonic the movie 2 which is making the headlines, he who will pit the blue hedgehog against his longtime rival in red, with also more room on the screen for Tails. All this beautiful little world is visible on a beautiful main poster alongside James Marsden, Tika Sumpter and the Dr.Robotnik by Jim Carrey, as well as a Chaos Emerald which will be at the heart of the plot. Too bad, however, that neither the female lead role nor the voice of TailsColleen O’Shaughnessey, is entitled to their name alongside those of the male actors…

Note otherwise that, if the American release date is still set at April 8, 2022, that in cinemas in France has been brought forward. We will find sonic the movie 2 March 30, 2022 in theaters with us, not April 6. Until then, you can get the Blu-ray of the first part for €12.60 on

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