CINEMA: Super Mario Bros. The Movie, an unreleased clip with Mario cat and Donkey Kong in Smash Bros. mode.

Thanks to trailers that have largely seduced, Super Mario Bros. The film is certainly one of the most anticipated feature films by gamers this year. The animated filmEnlightenment Entertainment however, still has a little time before arriving on our screens, and he takes the opportunity to reveal himself more.

A new promotional video has just been released: titled Smashit seems to clearly pay homage to Super Smash Bros.series of fighting games in which characters from the universe of mario have a nice place. We see in fact donkey kong in the fight with mario in an arena with cramped platforms: in difficulty, the plumber will use a power up to turn into mario cat, sign that different cult costumes of the hero should appear on the screen. It is also an opportunity for us to hear for the first time the English voice of DKvoiced by Seth Rogen.

Super Mario Bros. The film is now expected for April 7, 2023 in French cinemas. You can by then redo the Super Mario Bros. from 1993 on Blu-ray, available for pre-order from €24.99 at

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