Cinema: television still the leader but VOD preferred by young people

According to the ARCOM study, the consumption of cinema films, whatever the mode of access, is very widespread, practiced by almost all French people: 98% of them are concerned and 93% watch at least one film per month in 2022.

Television is the leading mode of film consumption and concerns 94% of French people. It is followed by:

  • the room (83%),
  • then by viewing on a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service (67%),
  • a pay-per-view (VOD) video-on-demand service (34%)
  • or even on an illicit streaming or downloading site (29%).

If we only consider paid consumption, this is dominated by subscription video on demand (SVOD): 51% of French people subscribe to it within their homes, compared to 22% for a pay TV offer.

Television is also the mode of access most frequently used to watch cinema films: 86% of French people watch films by this means at least once a month (ie 91% of television film consumers). It is ahead of SVOD consumption, which concerns 61% of French people on a monthly basis (i.e. 91% of users of these services). Consumption in theaters is more occasional, in a context nevertheless still marked by the pandemic: 32% of French people questioned go there at least once a month (i.e. 39% of spectators in theaters) and 50% go there less often.

The television channel also offers the particularity of addressing all categories of the population in an equivalent way: it concerns more than 90% of the various sub-populations questioned, regardless of their age group, gender, socio-professional category or area of ​​residence.

Conversely, the other modes of consumption display disparities, in particular according to age group, with young people proving to be the biggest consumers of films, regardless of the channel considered.

In particular, pay-per-view or subscription video-on-demand services are used much more by younger generations: 90% of those under 35 use SVOD and 44% pay-per-view video-on-demand, these rates then decline gradually in the upper age brackets, only affecting 34% and 16% respectively of those over 65 years of age.

The ARCOM study confirms the evolution of consumer behavior towards streaming, which is emerging as the preferred viewing mode for young people. Although SVOD has a less favorable window than VOD for the cinema, it is more popular for watching films due to the more advantageous price/film ratio offered than VOD, but above all because SVOD takes advantage of the locomotive that are the series.

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