CINEMA: Tetris, first extravagant trailer for the biopic on producer Henk Rogers with Taron Edgerton

The video game industry is full of stories that deserve to be told, and cinema has understood this well. Marv Studios And AI Movies thus undertook to produce a biopic returning to the genesis of Tetristotally independent of the thriller trilogy project science fiction by Larry Kasanoff (announced almost 10 years ago and which will surely never see the light of day).

Directed by John S. Baird (Garbage!available on Blu-ray from €16.96 on and written by Noah Pink (genius, This is Your Death), the feature film will tell us the crazy story of Henk Rogers (Taron Edgerton), video game producer who attempted to recover the franchise rights on behalf of nintendowho wanted to go out Tetris on his future Game Boy. And the case was not easy, between the vile Robert Stein (Toby Jones) who was also on the spot to distribute the license from the United Kingdom, and the USSR which was officially the holder of the rights of the game of Alekseï Pajitnov and his compatriots.

THE first trailer of the film soberly titled Tetris has been revealed, and it promises to be incredible, between chases with the KGBinlays of Tetriminos on the screen and festive scenes on a re-orchestrated version of The Final Countdown. Does the slick aesthetic and gripping tension, but with an offbeat tone, make you want to see more? If yes, know that THE biopic will be released on March 31, 2023 exclusively on AppleTV+the video-on-demand platform ofApple.

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