CINEMA: Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr makes a strong impression in a spectacular new trailer with gravelly humor

Lightning came down that night from the side of marvel studioswhich continues to promote Thor: Love and Thunderthe next feature film from the Stage 4 of mcu headed by director Taika Waititi. We had discovered Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) The Mighty Thor at the end of the teaser that aired last month, then posing alongside the Thor of Chris Hemsworth in photo, and it was nothing compared to what awaits us!

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We are also entitled to a delirium meta from the start with Korg counting the story of Thor to an extraterrestrial people, he who is embodied by Taika Waititi, who will therefore tell us a colorful story, or lack thereof according to some particularly stylized shots. We therefore find several parts of the film intertwined, with scenes in which Thor Odinson travel with the (As)Guardians of the Galaxyhis training to find a musculature worthy of a god, but also his reunion with his beloved Jane Fosterwho became heir to Mjollnir. The two incarnations of Thor will therefore travel with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to Olympus incognito, with a gritty final scene where the son ofOdin finds himself naked as a worm in front of an entire assembly led by Zeus (Russell Crowe), literally dropping women like flies…

But what we retain above all from these two minutes of video is good the notable introduction of Gorr, the Godslayerplayed by an unrecognizable and terrifying Christian Bale, with a change of tone in the very tasteful soundtrack. Well, his sword obviously has nothing to do with Knullbut this was to be expected since the rights must be on the side of sony and its universe Spiderman. The film promises explosive action scenes, including a space battle which should therefore be partly in black and white. Comic book fans will no doubt have noted the statues present in a plan with janerepresenting Uatu aka The Guardian (The Watcher) and the living tribunal on one side, and what we think is the Dead, Eon and Infinite the other. A gorgeous poster featuring the main cast members was also shared.

Thor: Love and Thunder should therefore delight us from July 13 for France and from the 8th across the Atlantic. Yes, you will probably have to stay away from your screen for a few days to avoid spoilers… Waiting, Miss Marvel will soon land on Disney+ and will be followed during the summer by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (She-Hulk: Lawyer), for just as many different moods.

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