Cisco Systems victim of a cyber attack – 08/11/2022 at 13:24

(AOF) – Cisco Systems Inc. revealed on Wednesday that it had been the victim of a cyberattack in late May by a hacker associated with a number of well-known cybercriminal organizations. The hacker used the credentials of a Cisco employee and “carried out a series of sophisticated voice phishing attacks”, eventually gaining access to the company’s network. The company says the incident was limited to the company’s IT environment and did not appear to involve sensitive customer data or private employee information.


The Threat of Open Technology, RAN

Equipment manufacturers will have to face this threat in the next few years. This new architecture consists in replacing the traditional antennas by software allowing more interoperability thanks to the cloud. Telecom operators will thus be able to strengthen innovation and increase their choice of suppliers. They will also be able to have access to more services and flexibility for network deployment and management costs which should decrease. For the moment, none of the major operators has switched to this new technology. Nevertheless, the freedom of choice of suppliers is a decisive element, underlined by the decision of Europe and the United States to sanction the Chinese Huawei for national security reasons.

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