City Building Game SteamWorld Build Announces With Playable Demo

After real-time strategy, action-adventure, turn-based tactical combat and card games, the SteamWorld franchise continues its vocation to change genres with each new appearance to add its own touch. With SteamWorld BuildThe Station therefore tackles the city ​​builder while continuing to bathe in his universe of western steampunk populated by steam-powered robot citizens. The goal of the game is to start from a desert terrain and make a mining town flourish in all directions, teeming with activities where the inhabitants will lack nothing, because being made of metal and bolts does not does not prevent them from having a whole host of daily needs.

“When Anno Meets Dungeon Keeper”

The main feature of the game is to take place both on the surface (the construction of the city) but also underground, where the hard harvest of resources is organized in the midst of monsters. The game is worth the effort since these underground passages apparently contain relics of old technologies which will find their usefulness sooner or later. Because yes, we haven’t specified it, but the apocalypse would be imminent and the ultimate goal is to leave the planet. Before arriving there, it will be necessary in particular to master the management, the circulation and the optimization of the flow of resources between the subsoil and the surface.

SteamWorld Build is being developed simultaneously on consoles and PC, so the team’s goal is to offer an optimal user interface for both gamepad and keyboard/mouse. The interface and mechanics are also intended to be accessible to newcomers, but experienced players will be able to raise the challenge using the three levels of difficulty offered.

To accompany this announcement, Thunderful Games is offering to try the game without further delay thanks to the playable demo available on Steam, a platform on which all the other SteamWorld games are also on sale. Finally, note that Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, the director of the SteamWorld franchise, has confirmed that three other titles are in production in the Thunderful Games laboratories.

Founded in 2013 in Karlshamn, Sweden, and acquired by Thunderful in 2020, The Station has a staff of 40. The studio has been known so far for its work on the many costumes in the LittleBigPlanet franchise.

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