Claire Chazal mad with rage: this big anger that shook France TV

In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Claire Chazal confessed to having experienced a very long showdown with the management of France Télévisions. The reason ? The famous journalist had a hard time at the end of her show, Passage des arts.

France Télévisions was the scene of a great stir. The main actors in this chaos behind the scenes of public service television channels were management and journalist Claire Chazal for her magazine Passage of the arts. Launched in the fall of 2019, this second part of the evening show will have its end clap this Sunday, January 15, after more than three years of good and loyal service. The actresses Eye Haïdara and Céline Sallette and comedian Jérémy Ferrari will be the last guests. From next week, Pierre Lescure will resume the time slot with a new weekly meeting on the seventh art called Nice gesture.

In a statement given to Le Parisien newspaper, an anonymous source said that “rarely has a second part of the evening caused such a mess”adding that “Claire Chazal was furious”. It must be said that France Télévisions almost stopped everything a year ago, hit by the low audiences of the magazine presented by the former headliner of the JT of TF1. But the management of France TV has decided to give Claire Chazal one last chance. Before everything finally ends in blood sausage.

Claire Chazal will say goodbye to her show passage des arts

It all started in November, when the film crews of Passage of the arts received a phone call from Omar Sy’s press attaché, who was originally supposed to come and present his new film, Tirailleurs. But he received an invitation for another slot on another channel and finally decided to decline his visit to Claire Chazal’s set. One thing that drove the journalist completely crazy, determined not to let things go internally, judging that her show did not have the necessary support. Anyway, Passage des arts will no longer be on the program from next week. And the future of Claire Chazal seems to be over on public service channels. To see where the famous journalist will succeed in bouncing back.

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