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Claire Keim cool mom during confinement: "“ My daughter works when she wants ”: Current Woman Le MAG

On March 17, 2020, Emmanuel Macron announced national confinement for all French people. A completely new situation, which pushes to be creative when it comes to finding ideas so as not to be bored. Some take the opportunity to refine their silhouette, like Amel Bent and his impressive weight loss, others to do the spring cleaning or to devour a few pounds. And the stars too have to keep busy during this difficult time. For Claire Keim, it is not an easy experience! I am at home, in my house in the Basque Country surrounded by mine, my man, my daughter, she revealed to our colleagues from France Info, in an interview published Wednesday March 25, 2020. Although the actress is in good company, with her boyfriend Bixente Lizarazu and their eleven year old daughter Uhaina, her confinement has nothing to do with a dream family vacation.

Claire Keim maintains her house… and her couple

“There are times when it is very very difficult, dizzying and scary. And moments when suddenly we manage to breathe a little, to calm down, to […] rediscover the taste for essential things ”explains Claire Keim. And the singer found how to occupy her days, with a surprising hobby to say the least: “I discovered a passion for ironing, which soothes me, it's crazy! But not that crazy after all… “In fact, it's a bit of a Proust madeleine, it reminds me of the smell when I was little and my mom was ironing next to me … This smell of clean, warm linen, there is something very reassuring ”, she explains before explaining that she never has so much "put away and cleaned ” of his life.

And sometimes, maintaining a couple in these conditions is not always easy! Luckily, Claire Keim had already shared her secrets to avoid the routine. In addition, the actress and the ex-footballer seem to be spinning the perfect love for almost fourteen years. Fans of the actress were able to discover the pretty proofs of love for her companion, and in particular the incredible gift he had given her. We do what we can, we try to have a little more patience and indulgence”, says Claire Keim in an interview with Purepeople Thursday March 26. For her, no quick fix: you have to get used to it. We try to guess the weather of the other and we adapt the days accordingly, she added. When her daughter is not “Overwhelmed with all his friends online”, they have fun playing, cooking or sorting together. “My daughter works when she wants, and therefore I find that she works rather well, I trust her, she understood that these are not holidays, but I let her organize herself as she sees fit ”, explains the 44-year-old mother.

Claire Keim wholeheartedly with the caregivers

As for the question of not gaining weight during confinement, the actress need not worry. While Bixente Lizarazu had allowed him to keep the line so far, the problem seems to no longer arise: “I admit that I haven't had a huge appetite these past few days, so that should be fine. But we are only at the beginning, we will talk about it again in mid-May! ”, she says. And of course, never a day goes by without Claire Keim's thoughts going to the medical staff. I have no words to express my gratitude to these people […] who are both caregivers, of course on the front line, but also all the people who bring us to eat, who give us the mail, the cashiers who are also on the front line, all these very courageous people , I think of them all the time ”, she finally told France Info.

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