Claire Keim mom: why she “has no success” with her daughter Uhaina (13 years old)…

Soon to be the star of the new detective series Aim with the heart signed TF1,Claire Keim (47) opened up about his private life and his precious little girl during an interview with the magazine TV Major Channels. Known for her career as a singer but also as an actress in many television films and series such as Zodiac, Beautiful green, I will go to heaven because hell is here or The King dances, the mother of Uhaina (13 years old, fruit of her love with Bixente Lizarazu) explained that her daughter – whose first name means ‘wave’ in Basque – did not usually watch her on the small screen. “For her, TV is a dinosaur thing. The day I do a funny sketch on TikTok, maybe I’ll be successful with my daughter. TF1, for her, sorry for the channel, but it’s a bit like the ORTF for us!“, she explained.

It’s just a miracle

Proud mother, she considers herself extremely lucky to have such a perfect child and does her best every day to help her become a young woman who feels good about herself. She explains : “I really try to do my best. My daughter is better than anything I could have imagined and she has qualities that neither her father nor I have. It’s just a miracle. I am the mother of a little miracle!

In a relationship with the former footballer of the French team Bixente Lizarazu since June 2006, the interpreter of the title I only want her had revealed how his darling had finally convinced him to become a mother, she who did not want children. “I swore I wouldn’t have children. Yet when my man arrived, the child was a no-brainer“, explained Claire Keim in an interview for TV Major Channels in 2011, “Love feelings sometimes play tricks on some people, I know. Me, I knew immediately that it was him… I had no doubts, at any time, never…“. A very beautiful love story that has already lasted for almost 16 years.

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