Clandestine dinners: a former minister implicated: Femme Actuelle The MAG

The affair of the clandestine dinners organized in Paris still continues to make the headlines since the broadcast of a report in the 19.45 of M6 April 2, 2021. While the famous collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon was arrested by the police and taken into custody as part of the investigation into this case, the information site Mediapart made new revelations regarding these infamous underground dinners in an article published on April 10, 2021. A paper in which a former minister and a famous television and radio journalist admitted having participated in one of these meals.

According to the revelations of Mediapart, the former Minister of the Interior and current MEP, Brice Hortefeux, had lunch “in a private apartment converted into an underground restaurant in the 8th arrondissement,” from Paris on March 30, 2021. An apartment in which the illegal dinners would have taken place as M6 had revealed in its report. The former minister explained to the site run by Edwy Plenel that it was an acquaintance who told him to go to this place. “This person says to me: ‘There are a lot of people passing by, companies, elected officials …When you know that, you tell yourself you’ve got it right. ” the MEP justified himself.

Clandestine dinners: Brice Hortefeux accompanied by a face of BFMTV

Mediapart also revealed that Brice Hortefeux was accompanied by 2 people during this famous lunch of March 30, 2021, including the journalist from BFMTV Alain Duhamel. I thought it would either be his house or a friend of his, and then I got into that thing. (…) And then I noticed that there were people eating lunch. I was immediately taken to a small dining room at the back, where there were three of us ” assured the columnist. For his part, the former minister revealed to the news site that he had fallen from a height. “Obviously you can imagine my head… It hits you like a sledgehammer. I didn’t know anything and, honestly, it’s very painful. I don’t see it very well, I apologized to Alain Duhamel, I was very embarrassed towards him ” he asserted. For his part, Alain Duhamel explained to Mediapart to have “slept poorly”And to have had the impression of being“a little trapped”Following this lunch.

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