Clandestine dinners: a member of the government present? New revelations about her functions: Current Woman The MAG

Who is the politician who would have attended the underground dinner organized by Pierre-Jean Chalençon, with the help of his friend the chef Christophe Leroy, in the Palais Vivienne? On Wednesday April 7, 2021, a server who would have worked during this evening had agreed to testify anonymously in Do not touch My TV. He then confirmed what M6 had formalized: the presence of a politician at this clandestine dinner dating from April 1, 2021. According to him, a “active politician“would have been present at this event. The server explained on this subject: “We are briefed a little bit. And we were told ‘Watch out, at this table, he’s a politician so pay attention to the way you serve and the way you speak., he said, specifying nevertheless not to know the identity of this man “who has gray hair“.”So there aren’t 40,000 gray-haired politicians in government right now.“, he still imagined.

“We are talking about a deputy”

Following these revelations, Cyril Hanouna led the investigation. Thursday April 8, 2021, the presenter of Do not touch My TV revealed that, following his team’s investigations, he was able to reveal that the man in question “would be a politician who would not be from the government (…) We are talking about a deputy”, he blurted out, rather sure of himself. As a reminder, an investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz. On Wednesday April 7, 2021, the home of Christophe Leroy, the chef accused of having prepared the meal for the guests had been searched. Thursday April 8, 2021, it is the Vivienne palace, property of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, which was examined by the investigators.

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