Clara Morgane is 41 years old: how did she meet her husband Jérémy Olivier?

On this Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Clara Morgane celebrates her 41st birthday. The opportunity to learn a little more about her, but also about the couple she forms with the DJ Jérémy Olivier.

Clara Morgane may have a sulphurous reputation because of her sexy calendars and her brief stint in the porn industry, but she has never been one to multiply conquests. Her first great love had been Greg Centauro, met when she was just a teenager. He was the one who had offered to shoot films for adults. Something she had accepted, on the condition that she only runs with him. One year and six films were enough to establish his celebrity.

But in 2003, the former candidate of Dance with the stars split from Greg Centauro, becoming one of the most coveted bachelors in the country. Since then, Clara Morgane has rebuilt her life with Jérémy Olivier, a DJ nicknamed Jey Didarko, with whom she married in Corsica in 2012 and even had a little girl, born in January 2016. But how did the two lovebirds meet? They had given the answer in the columns of Corse-Morningshortly after their marriage.

When Clara Morgane confided in her relationship

When they had just passed the ring on their finger, Clara Morgane and Jérémy Olivier had agreed to confide in the beginnings of their love. “We met in a recording studio through a friendit’s been three years nowhad thus explained the DJ, before specifying: Clara was preparing an album and she needed new compositions. She was also looking for a DJ to accompany her on stage. Four or five DJs were in competition. I was finally selected to write him some titles and become his official DJ. Afterwards I even rearranged the whole CD.”

“In three years, we have become very complementary, had for his part hammered Clara Morgane. The reason ? Jérémy introduced her to the workings of the world of music, she taught him “to better manage the image, the visual aspect”. “Jey is a child of synths and he was immersed in a very hip hop culture. He has this ‘dark’ side, a little dark at times, which fits perfectly with my very feminine style which sometimes brings him the light, in a way“, had in the process specified the young mother, who celebrates his 41st birthday on this Tuesday, January 25, 2022. A shock team that has not finished making sparks.

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