Clara Morgane ultra-sexy with the trendy hairstyle of the year and her perfect tan (Wow): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Oh dear. Clara Morgane has released a new photo of her on her Instagram account. And not just any, since she poses in a short, ultra-low-cut blue dress that will delight her. She puts her tan in value. In addition, the pretty blonde sports the hottest and sexiest hairstyle of the year. It is not the first time that the bubbly has adopted a trendy hairstyle. Indeed, Clara Morgane has abandoned her XXL lengths to a trendy shoulder square. She also dared a hairstyle that stars adore: the wet look, which consists of placing the hair back, giving the impression that it is wet. Always on the hairdressing side, Clara Morgane also adopted the barrette trend realizing a hairstyle with these pretty hair accessories. She also likes hairstyles with tied hair like high buns or a low top ponytail. Everything suits him! In addition, when she wears these hot hairstyles, Clara Morgane wears sexy outfits with, as when she dares to white high cut bikini or thesexy lingerie set.

Clara Morgane sexy: she adopts the most trendy hairstyle of the year

Here, Clara Morgane has bet on a canon outfit, but also a top hairstyle : the wavy square. It is certainly the largest hairstyle trend of summer 2020. And it suits him! How do I get a wavy effect? It's quite simple: all you need is a straightener or a looper. Start by brushing your hair, then curl with your device heating each strand of hair. Little tip: make loops in one direction, then in another to create more relief and movement. Then spray a hairspray or hairspray before running your fingers through the curls to relax them. It's lovely ! In addition to this hairstyle, Clara Morgane put her great uniform tan in value thanks to her dress. His tanned complexion is radiant and sublimated because her skin is perfectly hydrated. Wow!

>> Discover the trendy hairstyle and perfect tan of the pretty Clara Morgane

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