Claranova proposes two nominations for the positions of independent directors

(AOF) – At the next general meeting convened for September 4, 2023, Claranova proposes to shareholders the appointment of Ms. Gabrielle Gauthey and Mr. Craig Forman as independent directors. They both have solid international experience and very rich backgrounds with complementary expertise in terms of markets and investor relations. Alongside the management of Claranova and the subsidiaries, they will contribute to the development of value creation for the Group and its shareholders.

A graduate of Polytechnique and Mines, Gabrielle Gauthey has solid experience as a strategic investor and in strategic management, acquired within the public sector (Caisse des Dépôts Group, ARCEP) and major French/European groups in the telecoms sector. , media, energy and infrastructure.

Craig Forman is Managing Partner of NextNews Ventures, an investment firm in Silicon Valley and New York. He is the former CEO of McClatchy Co., America’s leading local news company, which runs daily newspapers and digital assets in 30 markets in 14 states (The Miami Herald, The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, The Charlotte Observer ,…).

Furthermore, as announced and in accordance with the request expressed by the shareholders, Claranova will proceed, subject to the results of the votes of the General Meeting of September 4, to the separation of the functions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, allowing it to comply best market practices, in particular the recommendations of the Middlenext Code.

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