Claude François: what becomes of Kathalyn Jones, his last companion?

The number of legacies broadcast on NRJ12 on January 20 will be devoted to Claude François. The opportunity to return to the life of one of the companions of the late singer: Kathalyn Jones. For almost two years, she shared her life with him, until he lost his. What has become of her since?

Claude François is once again honored in an issue of the show legacies this Thursday, January 20 on NRJ12. The interpreter of As per usual had a full life, especially through his many conquests. One of them particularly marked her life: Kathalyn Jones. On March 11, 1978, Claude François lost his life after being electrocuted while replacing a wall lamp above his bathtub. Present at his side, his companion at the time, just 24 years old, tries in vain to save him. But a few minutes later, the artist succumbed to pulmonary edema. Traumatized, Kathalyn decides to change her life and return to Los Angeles.

In the city of angels, the former model”becomes an interior designer and marries a wealthy businessman”, report our colleagues fromParis here. If the last love of Claude François seems to have found serenity in his native California, “she sometimes returns to France and never fails to visit Josette (note: the artist’s sister) and her children“. And for good reason, Kathalyn, who keeps the memory of a “very sweet man“, has always been able to count on the family of the one who will remain his first love.

“I turned the page and rebuilt myself elsewhere and differently”

My heart is filled with good and tender memories […] I had the enormous chance to share the life of an exceptional artist, but since then I have turned the page and rebuilt myself elsewhere and differently”, confided Kathalyn Jones to Paris Match. Mom-of-two can’t stop singing the praises of the singer’s familyAlexandria Alexandra. “They always supported me, even after Claude’s death”, she assured France Soir, “There was no rejection. If we lost sight of each other, it was life that did that.

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