Claude Guéant: his request for release examined on January 19

VSlaude Guéant will still have to wait some time in the cell before his request for release is studied. The former Interior Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy has been imprisoned since December 13, in connection with a conviction dating back to 2017. He had not settled a debt in time in the context of this affair. Debt, however, settled since mid-December. His lawyer confirmed, Tuesday, December 21, that his request for release will not be examined by the courts until December 19.

“I am surprised at such a long delay when everything was settled in three days”, told Agence France-Presse his lawyer Me Philippe Bouchez El-Ghozi. Claude Guéant “will not only spend the holidays in prison, but also his birthday […], he saw it very, very badly ”. The 76-year-old former minister paid 292,000 euros on December 16 to pay off the debt owed to the Public Treasury following a 2017 conviction which the courts considered did not meet the obligations.

Debt settled thanks to loans granted by relatives

He immediately applied for a modified sentence aimed at his release and hoped that the judge responsible for the application of sentences would study it more quickly. In detail, “Claude Guéant paid 133,315.95 euros to put his debt to zero”, but also settled that of “one of the co-convicts [qui] had not paid his full share and it is a solidarity debt therefore owed 100% by each convict, ”he explained on Sunday. According to him, this was done through loans from relatives.

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Claude Guéant has been detained for a week at the Paris-La Santé penitentiary in application of the 2017 conviction, a first for a former Minister of the Interior. In the case of the cash bonuses of the Ministry of the Interior, the former right-hand man of Nicolas Sarkozy had been sentenced on January 23, 2017 on appeal to two years of imprisonment, including one year with probation, and 75,000 euros fine.

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He was serving this sentence – which became final two years later after the rejection of his cassation appeal – under the conditional release regime. In early November, however, the Paris Court of Appeal revoked part of his suspension (3 months) and his parole (6 months), considering that Claude Guéant was not making the necessary payments to pay the fine and damages. and interest he had been inflicted on. It is in execution of these decisions that Claude Guéant was placed in jail, for nine months, had specified to Agence France-Presse Mr.e Stop off El-Ghozi.

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