Claude ("Koh Lanta") confides in the tragic death of his mother: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Since the start of its broadcast, the 21st edition of Koh Lanta, baptized The return of the heroes, unleashes passions. This new season sees new candidates face old glories from the program. If some adventurers attract the wrath of certain internet users, others are almost unanimous among the faithful of the show. This is the case of Claude who participates for the third time in the adventure game of TF1. Friday, May 22, 2020, the candidate again used all his talent to brilliantly win the immunity test and thus ensure a little more his presence in the final. A new individual feat that impressed his opponents, admiring the combativeness and mental strength of Claude. During an interview granted to the podcast Oufff animated by Fred and Maud, the latter nevertheless revealed another side of his personality, evoking a personal drama.

Claude delivers poignant secrets about the tragic death of his mother

"I grew up with my sister. My father worked in the butcher shop, my mother never worked. We went on vacation. […] It was a really good life", he said. Until illness disrupts the existence of his family. "My mother had cancer, she died very young. I was 9 years old, she was 33. From then on, our life changed a little", says the adventurer. A terrible ordeal that was brutally remembered when he first participated in Koh Lanta, in 2010. "40 days in Vietnam, there was no coconut, there was nothing. Hunger, I really suffered from it, it was really complicated […] My mother weighed 38 pounds when she died, I had this relation to food which was a bit special ", he explained. "In addition, I burn calories very easily, even at rest. The more the days went on, the more I lost weight. And I said to myself towards the end: 'But what am I doing here?' I saw my mother again through my legs", remembered the candidate, before concluding: "This first experience, it really marked me. The following ones, obviously, I lived them much more easily because the psychological impact, I had already passed it."

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