Claude ("Koh-Lanta") soon recurring character in "Fort Boyard"? He answers: Current Woman The MAG

Claude was a notable candidate from the last season as of Koh Lanta called Heroes' Island, so striking that it could well find its place in another very famous television program. This summer, viewers will be able to see the adventurer's first steps in Fort Boyard, but only as a candidate. To our colleagues from Télé Loisirs, he did not hide his pleasure from having been invited to the famous monument located off La Rochelle.

"It was a privilege to be invited as a candidate in It was a privilege to be invited as a candidate for Fort Boyard. It was a privilege to be invited as a candidate in Fort Boyard. I was amazed to be there, like a kid. I tried to bring my panache and my desire to win to my team. I felt they were counting on me, " said Claude. And to specify: "But I didn’t have any particular apprehension. I was not going to Fort Boyard to break records. It is not because you are performing on a game like Koh-Lanta that you will be on another with tests of the type of those of Fort Boyard. Besides, certain tests really made my life difficult, so much so that I sometimes thought that the Fort wanted to eliminate me. "

Be a flagship character of the Fort? "Pleasure"

And if Claude was offered to become a recurring character in Fort Boyard ? To our colleagues, the man estimated: "The first time Fort Boyard is done, you have to do it as a candidate. After if one day, I was offered to embody a character, it would make me very happy. But there, for my first time on this mythical place, I wanted to be a candidate ". Case to follow!

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