Claudio Capéo: the tender words he never confessed to his mother: Current Woman The MAG

"It's the story of a little boy who is very close to his mother". At just 36 years old – he celebrates his birthday on January 10, 2021, Claudio Capéo does not forget where he comes from. The singer of Italian origin (and still very seductive) talks in music about his childhood and the "dolce vita " that still permeates his memories. From his mother, too, to whom he was not always able to say what was on his mind: "I am very close to my mother when we don't tell each other everything we always have a little trouble saying "I love you" but that's okay because we know it very well. This little boy loves him very much, he is very good in his arms, he is at home with his parents and then, he tells her he's afraid to grow up, afraid to leave his home, to go alone, that what is going on outside scares him... "says the former candidate of The Voice, whose next season is scheduled for early 2021, in an interview with our colleagues from TV-Leisure.

A new album with the scents of Italy

And what better for an artist than a musical tribute? His latest album Thought about you, released on December 4, 2020 is a message to his parents. In this musical opus, Claudio Capéo takes up the great successes of singers such as Zucchero, Paolo Conte, Eros Ramazzotti but also many titles of his own composition. "Of songs that bathed my childhood not to mention that when I was born on January 10, 1985, my parents still spoke French poorly, so iThey spoke to me in Italian, yelled at me in Italian, loved me in Italian and cooked in Italian. And every year, we went on vacation to Italy in a Fiat with a radio-cassettes with songs in Italian that run non-stop in the car for 3,500 kilometers ", he continues, nostalgic.

Claudio Capéo, however, left the family cocoon at a very young age but remains deeply marked by his mark. The musician met his partner, Aurélie, almost two decades ago. Since then, the interpreter ofA man standing spin the perfect love. A new life not so far from the old one: "With her it's always la dolce vita and it's not over! " he concludes.

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