Clean Perfume: Fragrances without harsh chemicals?

Clean perfume
Fragrances without harsh chemicals?

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It is obvious that, on closer inspection, perfume cannot be particularly healthy for us or our environment. But is clean perfume really the healthy alternative?

Clean is all the rage – clean eating, clean beauty and also clean perfume. For all those who want to take care of themselves and their body, renunciation is available bad ingredients in hygiene articles, cosmetics and food in the first place. After all, it will be everywhere before carcinogenic substances warned in a wide variety of products. Perfume is no exception. If we have sprayed this lightly on our skin up to now, it is now viewed more suspiciously. But how toxic is the can scent? An alternative to conventional perfume should therefore be clean perfume.

Clean Perfume – What Exactly Is It?

Sustainable, vegan, natural, organic and at the same time super effective – that is what cosmetics should be today. Also perfume. The idea of ​​Clean Perfume is therefore to make fragrances as natural as possible. Therefore, the following applies to the new generation of fragrances:

  • be free of artificial substances and synthetic flavors
  • if possible, consist of ecologically sustainable ingredients
  • are produced exclusively in an environmentally friendly manner

Holistic consideration, both for our fellow human beings and for our environment, is part of the concept of Clean Perfume.

Actress Michelle Pfeiffer has also dedicated herself to this and has brought out her own clean perfume line. The fragrances with the name Henry Rose were produced entirely sustainably and tested for pollutants by the EWG – Environmental Working Group.

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Basically a great thing, with which you can of course also earn good money.

Back to the Roots – organic cosmetics on the upswing

Because more and more people are interested in sustainable beauty care. The increasing popularity is also reflected on the shelves of drugstores and perfumeries. While natural cosmetics were banned to the last corner behind the diaper until a few years ago, not only has the shelf width on which Weleda, Santé and Co are advertised has more than doubled, but these are now not only on the advance in the front rows of the Shelf mazes, but also becoming more affordable.

Clean doesn’t always mean good

However, it is problematic that there is no uniform line for clean beauty, as there is still a lack of definitions of various terms such as natural, clean, green and hypo-allergenic. At the same time, these terms are now used in an inflationary manner, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish good from bad. Because just because it says natural cosmetics doesn’t mean the product is good for the body. This in turn results in skeptical customers. Products that do not contain irritating ingredients and that will hopefully become standard in the future are all the more popular.

Clean perfume without any poison – is that even possible?

No perfume can do without chemicals, after all, basically every ingredient is chemistry, whether synthetic or natural. And even these cannot be categorized as good and bad: some natural ingredients can be just as intolerable and irritating for us as synthetic ones can be good. Rather, the really big achievement of Clean Perfume is the complete listing of ingredients that the perfume industry had previously closed to. It’s kind of strange when people talk about the scent of roses, but a rose is not even part of the scent. Nevertheless, you have to be familiar with the INCIS in order to get an idea for yourself. Nonetheless, Clean is of course still better than Dirty and an impetus that will hopefully get things rolling.

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