Clean the shower head: These home remedies fight stubborn limescale build-up

Thoroughly clean the shower head

Limescale deposits can make the shower head inoperable.

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If you don’t clean your shower head regularly, you will end up with stubborn limescale deposits over time. These home remedies will help.

When cleaning the bathroom and shower, many people limit themselves to large areas. Little things like the shower head are often forgotten. The result: stubborn limescale deposits that can make the device inoperable. These tips will help with cleaning.

Cleaning the shower head: What to watch out for before descaling

A shower head can only remain fully functional if it is decalcified regularly. Before cleaning the shower, unscrew the shower head to keep it dry. Most models can be easily dismantled with pliers. A cloth or washcloth between the screw and the tool protects the metal from damage.

What home remedies are suitable for removing limescale?

In order to reliably remove limescale deposits in the household, household remedies should be used that do not damage the affected material. In most cases, citric acid and vinegar essence, both of which are biodegradable, are ideal. When it comes to cleaning the shower head, it is advisable to use the slightly milder citric acid to protect the rubber seals inside.

This is how cleaning works

Once all the preparations have been made in the bathroom, it is time to clean the shower head. At the beginning, the dried limescale can be roughly removed with a brush. Treatment with a citric acid solution is necessary for thorough cleaning.

This can be made with a little citric acid powder and water. It’s best to use a large bowl so the shower head can soak in it. For this it should be completely covered with water. Descaling is completed after about two hours.

tip: Toothpicks also help to expose calcified holes.


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