Clémentine Autain has “the impression that there is a desire to harm (the) new popular ecological and social union”

The deputy and regional councilor Clémentine Autain returned, Sunday, May 15 on BFM, to the controversies linked to the NUPES, in particular on the Bouhafs affair, but also the strategy of the left to become a majority in the legislative elections.

Clémentine Autain began by returning to the controversy Taha Bouhafs, activist accused of sexual assault: “Taha Bouhafs, anti-racist activist from working-class neighborhoods, was to be approached in the constituency of Vénissieux. We have a reporting unit at LFI which has been identifying gender-based and sexual violence for years. We have few reports to be honest. She added that she was “shocked and I [la victime] met. She told me she didn’t want to participate in the racist cabal and class contempt. She bears witness to serious facts and is torn between this cabal and impunity. »

While there have been many criticisms of the fact that the internal unit of LFI – and Sandrine Rousseau on France Inter – spoke of “settled matter” – the MP said that she “wishes she could go and lodge a complaint but it’s up to her to make the decision. »

What’s next after this ad

Clémentine Autain also declared that “they don’t want it to be public. ” She took the opportunity to add that there was ” against Taha Bouhafs a campaign of racism and class contempt “, in particular because ” it is the media that seize it. The cell has adopted confidentiality as its mode of operation. »

What’s next after this ad

She then castigated the other parties who denounced these actions: “What political organization would have done better than what we did. Can you imagine in political families the human management that it is? »

For her, the reason for this controversy is clear: “I have the impression that there is a desire to harm our new popular ecological and social union. […] I do not have the impression that when you (receive) a person from LREM, you ask him thirty minutes of questions on these subjects. The MP went on to explain that she “supports these women, [et] I want them to be able to file a complaint, but I want women to be subjects of their lives. »

What’s next after this ad

What’s next after this ad

The discussion then deviated on the chances of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to become Prime Minister and his future: “Fortunately Jean-Luc Mélenchon was there during this presidential election because he made 22% and we owe him a great candle. It will not disappear from the landscape and does not need only the National Assembly to have a platform. »

“The appointment of a woman to Matignon would be a correction of history”

In the event of a second round RN – Renaissance, Clémentine Autain decided: “Between the far right and Macron, what do you mean? Do you know the answer. Our fundamental fight against the extreme right I have been leading for 30 years. But if you don’t want far-right or five more years, you have a ballot for NUPES. »

She congratulated Manuel Bompard, “an excellent campaign manager” and proudly said that what the left has achieved by joining forces “is historic. A question followed about a potential female Prime Minister of Macron: “The appointment of a woman to Matignon would be a correction of history, he could have done it already five years ago. He had two prime ministers, he didn’t. If we have a woman with the same policy, it will not change the lives of the French. »

Clémentine Autain also explained that “taking a right-wing woman to carry out a right-wing policy will have the merit of consistency, but I hear that the President of the Republic wants to attract the left. Madame Vautrin, against marriage for all, we can do better to appeal to left-wing voters. »

According to LFI, “Emmanuel Macron is a Pyrrhic victory. There is no majority of French people who want five more years. »

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